Rolling Stone – Sticky Fingers


The “gimmick covers” had the particularity of using materials from the newspaper as textiles, metals and board details. In this special strand must be filled the cover of “Sticky Fingers ” by Rolling Stones, created by Craig Braun on concept and photos by the pop artist Andy Warhol already coverist for the Velvet Underground. The cover shows a close-up of a pair of jeans (this vision unleashed the wrath of many shopkeepers who refused to put the album on their shelves); the particularity of this artwork is represented by the zip applied on the photo. This one is in fact a real zip, beyond which are the slip of the model (the sexy-known actor Joe Dallesandro from Warhol’s factory). This layer, beyond a curious creative fiction, has also an important protective function because the zip could scratch the vinyl content inside (specifically the track “Sister Morphine”). The cover of “Stiky Fingers” is remembered by the fans of the British band thanks to another trick chart, as appeared on the back for the first time the famous red tongue, which will become the icon of the band.

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