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Korn – Follow the Leader


An Important collaboration in 1998 between the nu-metal Korn and Todd McFarlane, cover for the album “Follow the Leader” (the first real commercial success of the band). The designer born in Canada is one of the most important cartoonists of the 80s 90s, a real revolutionary before on the pages of “Amazing Spiderman” and then by creating the publishing house Image, which besides having launched cult superheroes as Spawn, brought into the world of comics the first color computer for tables of comics (technic used after by all the other houses of the comics world). Todd McFarlane has also founded a company to its name for the realization of action figures related to the world of comics, film, music and sports business quickly become a world leader. The cover designed for the American band faithfully reflects his comics style: soft lines and characters as puppets chubby dropped in a surreal background that leads us to focus on the girl at the bottom that, finalizing the game of the “bell” is about to jump into the void with a handful of friends ready to follow her. The illustration is enriched with the sequel on the back where we see other kids posts in a row and ready to play dangerously on the cliff. The idea of using a style comics for the cover was also chosen by Korn for the following albums such as “Issues”
(for which he was banned even a contest for fans who sent their proposals creative, the best of which became the official cover) and “Untouchables” with the distressing group of street children.

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Supertramp – Breakfast in America


An illustration that takes full cue from the title of the disc in which the observer, from a window of a plane, casts a glance at a curious Manatthan whose buildings are actually cups, spoons, plates and boxes with food. The protagonist of the scene, however, is the friendly waitress that, in the same position of the statue of liberty, raises a glass of orange (instead of the note torch) while the other hand takes a menu that shows the album title. An idea very effective and very well represented by Aaron Rapoport (photo) and Mickey Haggerty (design) that have made it even more special an album recognized as the best of the american band. It should be remembered that, on the back of the pack, the members of the group appeared seated for breakfast in a bar, each with a newspaper of his hometownin the hands. The cover of “Breakfast in America is one of the best known of the 70s and ultimately affect future campaigns Advertising menu, cartons of orange juice and milk.

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King Crimson – In the court of the Crimson King


In 1969 comes “In the court of the crimson king” by King Crimson: famous album and superfamous cover (inspired by the opening song “21st Century Schizoid Man”). A dramatic and scared face stands on all 30 cm of the cover, in a effect of high voltage (accentuated by the purple-like colors of the painting) which also supplies the curiosity, since it is not reported or forward or behind any kind of text. Author of this work (one of most famous artwork in the history of rock music) is Barry Godber, who gave thanks to this work a jolt chart initiator of vein progressive in the world of cover art: this is one of the first cases of “painting-cover” linked to progressive music which will use, in fantastic symbiosis, the painting technique as a tool for creating its visual representation.

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Patti Smith – Horses


In the 70s androgynous and asexual icons were in vogue in the rock youth sphere, where the quest for sexual freedom and expression embraced ideologically the desire of the new generations to overcome the well-thinkers static diagrams. The cover of “Horses” is perhaps the most obvious representative of this social period with the young musician immortalized in man’s clothes standing in front of a white wall: the clothes, the expression and the haircut (and the little breast) show ethereal artist, female in passion but male in the provocative and disruptive attitude. The author of this step is Robert Mapplethorpe (who will sign other covers for Smith) one of the most
important photographers of the twentieth century, who shared with the musician a hotel room in New York at the beginning of their careers, when the Big Apple saw important personalities of the scope of music, painting,
film and visual!

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Beck – The Information


The cover of “The information” appears to buyers as a innocent grid, but within the pack are these stickers (different for each copy) that the fans can clue on the cover obtaining a result original and exclusive. One idea that not only makes the cover of the cd absolutely engaging and lively, but also stimulates creativity itself. The consumer becomes creator of the actual composition. Beck always finds something to involve the listener, both with the music and the art.

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Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist


“Zeitgeist”, an album that if doesn’t surprise musically, really strikes thanks to its cover produced by Shepard Fairey which portrays, in a densely reddish atmosphere, the statue of liberty melancholicaly immersed in water (in line with recent elevations due to overheating terrestrial). The same creative explains the meaning: “The cover means the end of many of the ideals on which it is based the american society: civil liberties, freedom of speech, and so on. Since 9/11 all that is disappearing. I believe that global warming is a major problem, but also a symptom of the shortsightedness of the United States”. The red widely used by Fairey accentuates the dramatic feeling; it seems that waters are full of blood (reference to the military policy of the Bush administration?). Billy Corgan, the band leader, is an involved artist; often Smashing Pumpkins’ lyrics take up themes such as war, ecology and poverty.

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Tool – Lateralus


The album cover shows a half-lenght man, or better his muscles and cartilages, surrounded by symbols and fantasies which recall the oriental world. This picture had been done by Alex Grey, a 50 years-old painter who made this particular type of images his war horse. The particularity of the album art is that the cover of Alex Gray is not printed on the front page, as it’s produced by the overlapping of several pages of the booklet transparent, each of whom brings a different print image that overlapped with other creates the final image. The cover is developed not only on the first page, but involves the entire booklet revolutionizing the idea itself of cover. The game of transparencies is repeated on the back of the pack, where we are spectators of another chromo hypnosis.


We must open a parenthesis about the song “Lateralus”, in respect of the references between the disc and cover: on the cover is designed a logarithmic spiral sequence linked to the Fibonacci numbers, based on mathematical series discovered by the latter in 1202 AD in which each number after the second is the sum of the two preceding numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. The verses of the song “Lateralus” are composed by syllables in order to obtain exactly the Fibonacci series: “Black (1) then (1) white are (2) all I see (3) in my infancy (5) red and yellow then came to be (8)” and so on. A well-kept working and imaginative, that makes this disc memorable for the component of excellent sound quality, and the visual and graphic too, a cover really beautiful and imbued with meaning which moves the artwork in question to the general level of epic album covers.

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Vinylux, combining design with ecology


Vinylux transforms vintage LPs and Album Covers into a variety of gift items – coasters, bowls, clocks, trays, ornaments, notecards, sketchbooks etc. Artist Jeff Davis estimates he will recycle 150,000 LPs and 45s in 2008 alone. What started as his design school master’s thesis project turned into a full time business.

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Lego rules


that’s totally funny…flickr always gives us something interesting, but this lego style beatles’ album covers remake goes beyond any of my dreams!


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Do it by yourself!

ahahah that’s funny kids!! obviously that’s album case design…

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