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Korn – Follow the Leader


An Important collaboration in 1998 between the nu-metal Korn and Todd McFarlane, cover for the album “Follow the Leader” (the first real commercial success of the band). The designer born in Canada is one of the most important cartoonists of the 80s 90s, a real revolutionary before on the pages of “Amazing Spiderman” and then by creating the publishing house Image, which besides having launched cult superheroes as Spawn, brought into the world of comics the first color computer for tables of comics (technic used after by all the other houses of the comics world). Todd McFarlane has also founded a company to its name for the realization of action figures related to the world of comics, film, music and sports business quickly become a world leader. The cover designed for the American band faithfully reflects his comics style: soft lines and characters as puppets chubby dropped in a surreal background that leads us to focus on the girl at the bottom that, finalizing the game of the “bell” is about to jump into the void with a handful of friends ready to follow her. The illustration is enriched with the sequel on the back where we see other kids posts in a row and ready to play dangerously on the cliff. The idea of using a style comics for the cover was also chosen by Korn for the following albums such as “Issues”
(for which he was banned even a contest for fans who sent their proposals creative, the best of which became the official cover) and “Untouchables” with the distressing group of street children.

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