Courtney Love – America’s Sweetheart

america's sweetheart

The widow Cobain has always given, as a meal to the media, transgressive (mostly trash) images of herself, that were in any way linked to rock sound of his recordings. With this album, the rebellion music and the human musician went to knock on a dreamy cover, almost paradisaic, in which is portrayed in a pinky atmosphere a winking Courtney Love. To strengthen this (fake) icon of sweetness a pair of wings is put on his back; Courtney is angelical for her characteristics too: she’s blonde and she’s got blue eyes. The only “R’n’R” thing is a stylistic electric guitar scribbled on with a red crayon. Moreover, the sense of love and purity of the illustration goes perfectly well with the surname of the artist. The image (thanks to a very ’60s font ) has an impact and a very considerable appeal…beautiful to see and excellent technique in the design (the picture is signed
bottom left). A creative grace that unfortunately isn’t balanced by equal quality sound tracks.

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