Supertramp – Breakfast in America


An illustration that takes full cue from the title of the disc in which the observer, from a window of a plane, casts a glance at a curious Manatthan whose buildings are actually cups, spoons, plates and boxes with food. The protagonist of the scene, however, is the friendly waitress that, in the same position of the statue of liberty, raises a glass of orange (instead of the note torch) while the other hand takes a menu that shows the album title. An idea very effective and very well represented by Aaron Rapoport (photo) and Mickey Haggerty (design) that have made it even more special an album recognized as the best of the american band. It should be remembered that, on the back of the pack, the members of the group appeared seated for breakfast in a bar, each with a newspaper of his hometownin the hands. The cover of “Breakfast in America is one of the best known of the 70s and ultimately affect future campaigns Advertising menu, cartons of orange juice and milk.

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