Patti Smith – Horses


In the 70s androgynous and asexual icons were in vogue in the rock youth sphere, where the quest for sexual freedom and expression embraced ideologically the desire of the new generations to overcome the well-thinkers static diagrams. The cover of “Horses” is perhaps the most obvious representative of this social period with the young musician immortalized in man’s clothes standing in front of a white wall: the clothes, the expression and the haircut (and the little breast) show ethereal artist, female in passion but male in the provocative and disruptive attitude. The author of this step is Robert Mapplethorpe (who will sign other covers for Smith) one of the most
important photographers of the twentieth century, who shared with the musician a hotel room in New York at the beginning of their careers, when the Big Apple saw important personalities of the scope of music, painting,
film and visual!

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